What are the main items can print by a UV printer?

From the current market use of a large number of UV printer customers currently used in the market, mainly for these four groups, the total share can reach 90%.

 1. Advertising industry

This is the most widely used. After all, the number of advertising stores and advertising companies and the market audience are also the most extensive. Although there is no shortage of orders, the profit is relatively low due to large competition.


2. Digital products industry

Many people in this industry are familiar with it. A plastic shell plus printing costs less than 1 yuan, and the market sells 20. Many users often recover the cost in two months. Although it has cooled down in recent years, after all, the mobile phone is constantly replaced, and the customized printing demand of the shell will not change. Extended, there are iPad leather cases, keyboards, mouse pads and other digital products printed on the surface.



3. Users in building materials industry

This background wall is mainly made of glass and ceramic tiles. The market has been very hot in the past three years. In particular, the customized 3D relief three-dimensional background wall is particularly popular, which is not only in great demand, but also has high added value.


4. Handicraft industry

There are a wide variety of small objects in the voluntary small commodity market, such as combs, hairpins, spectacle frames, packaging boxes, pins, wine bottles, bottle caps, decorative paintings… The surface of hundreds of materials can be printed with UV printers. This industry has a strong regional nature and is often concentrated in the source of goods.


In addition to these four popular customer industries, some in the metal industry are printed on some iron boxes, saw blades and other materials; Leather industry is applied in some leather bags, leather goods and other products; Surface printing of some wood products in the wood industry.



Post time: Oct-12-2022