Printhead of UV printer need to know what parameters

Printhead is the core component of UV printer, Printhead brand is numerous, it is difficult to enumerate its detailed technical parameters. And for the vast majority of the sprinkler on the market, we only need to pay attention to the following aspects.


First: The number of channels (same as the number of jet holes) : how many Inkjet channels (or Inkjet holes) the nozzle contains, this concept should be Inkjet channel or color channel controlled by sprinkler head.


Two: Color support: that is, the color channel, that is, the most ink color can be controlled at the same time in a sprinkler head.


Three:data support: that is, the control channel, that is, the Inkjet control data channel can be independently realized on a sprinkler head.


Four: scanning resolution: nozzle for a single scan Inkjet can achieve the ink dot accuracy, expressed by dpi (dots per inch), determined by the physical accuracy of the jet hole. The same sprinkler head can produce different scanning resolutions under different application conditions. For example, the scanning resolution of GEN5 sprinkler head is 600dpi in the single-color channel control mode and 300dpi in the two-color channel control mode.


Five:  Physical accuracy of sprinkler head: the actual number of spray holes per inch on a single control channel, expressed by npi (nozzles per inch).


Six: Gray mode: UV printer nozzle multi-stage ink spot (multi-size ink spot) control ability


Seven: Ink point size: the average volume of the jet ink point


Eight: Injection frequency: the maximum injection frequency that the nozzle can reach


Nine: Nozzle inking hole: nozzle inking ink inlet, if it is 2xdual, means that the nozzle has two sets of color channels, each channel has two inking hole connection.


Ten: Compatible liquid: nozzle can be applied to ink or cleaning liquid type, usually divided into water, solvent, UV.

Post time: Feb-17-2023