Ntek UV Printer Installtion Step

Linyi Win-Win Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produce UV flatbed printers, UV hybrid printer and roll to roll printers, as 13 year UV printer manufacturer, we have our own mature aftersale service team and complete UV printer installation files. To help customer install printer well, here below pls find Ntek UV printer ten installation steps:

Step 1: Unpack the machine carefully and pay attention to the fragile parts of the machine.
Step 2: Connect the voltage regulator, water chiller, and the vacuum pump fan. Fill the purified water or antifreeze fluid into the water chiller up to designated level.
Step 3: Install the PrintExp software and RIP software/Photoprint software on your computer, and plug the USB cable and dongle into the computer.
Step 4: Power on the machine, set up to check whether the starting movement is normal and whether the limit function works well.
Step 5: Calibrate X Y Z axis gear ratio. And make a print file to test machine empty run condition, and whether the machine moves normally, and whether the UV lamp light on and off correctly.
Step 6: Fill ink into the ink tank of the machine and supply the ink. During this process, check whether the floats of secondary cartridges are normal.
Step 7: Install printhead (printhead data cable , filter, ink tube, etc.). And connect the printhead ink tube to the secondary cartridges. DO NOT connect the printhead data cable to the board at this time.
Step 8: Press the ink out of the printhead and adjust the negative pressure.
Step 9: Power off the machine, connect the printhead data cable to the board. Pay attention to the order and direction of the date cables when insert them.
Step 10: After the printhead data cables are connected correctly, set up the machine and calibrate the printhead status, printhead vertical, step, color offset, bi-dir and other parameters.

Post time: May-26-2022