Leather printing Why are more and more people choosing UV coil printers

Leather printing is a typical application case of UV coil printer. With the development of society and aesthetic changes, people’s fashion concepts are also constantly changing, and the demand and love for leather personalized printing products are also growing. Inkjet printing technology is constantly evolving, making leather printing no longer a problem. A high-precision, high-speed UV coil printer is enough to meet such personalized consumer needs.

The traditional printing process of the leather industry is screen printing rather than UV printer printing, but the color of screen printing is generally single and the transition color is not natural. Large leather printing machine equipment price is high, high requirements for the leather material itself. Heat transfer will damage the leather material, the leather surface properties will cause varying degrees of damage. UV coil printer solves the above problems, making leather printing more convenient and expressive according to personality.

Post time: Aug-31-2023