How to properly maintain the inkjet UV printer

1. Do a good job of sanitation before starting the UV inkjet flatbed printer to prevent dust from damaging the UV Ceramic Printer and printhead. The indoor temperature should be controlled at about 25 degrees, and ventilation should be done well. This is good for both the machine and the operator, since ink is also a chemical.

2. Operate Wide Format Printer in the correct order when starting up, pay attention to the method and order of wiping the nozzle, use a professional nozzle cloth to wipe the nozzle. Make sure the valve is closed and the ink path is cut off before the ink is exhausted.

3. Workers should be on duty when Large UV Led Printer working. When the printer makes an error, first press the emergency stop switch to prevent the machine from continuing to run and cause greater adverse consequences. At the same time, note that the deformed and warped plate is strictly prohibited from colliding with the nozzle, otherwise it will cause permanent damage to the nozzle.

4. Before shutting down, use a special cotton swab dipped in cleaning solution to gently wipe the remaining ink on the surface of the nozzle, and check whether the nozzle is broken.

5. The UV lamp filter cotton should be replaced regularly, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the UV lamp tube, which may lead to accidents and damage to the machine in serious cases.  The ideal life of the lamp is about 500-800 hours, and the daily use time should be recorded.

6. The moving parts of the UV printer should be filled with oil regularly. The X-axis and the Y-axis are high-precision parts, especially the X-axis part with high running speed, which is a vulnerable part. The conveyor belt of the X-axis should be checked regularly to ensure proper tightness. The X-axis and Y-axis guide rail parts should be lubricated regularly. Too much dust and dirt will cause excessive resistance of the mechanical transmission part and affect the accuracy of the moving parts.

7. Always check the ground wire to ensure that the digital flatbed UV printer is safely grounded. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the machine before the reliable ground wire is connected.

8. When the automatic Digital Printer is turned on and not printing, remember to turn off the UV lamp at any time. One of the purposes is to save power, and the other is to extend the life of the UV lamp.

Post time: Jun-08-2022