How about Ricoh UV printer?

We know that UV printer is a high-tech plate-free full-color digital printing machine, which has a very wide range of applications in the Inkjet printing industry, In addition to the system, the most important thing is the printhead of the printer. At present, there are many printhead used in UV printers, including Kyocera, Ricoh, Seiko, Konica, Toshiba, Epson, etc. Today we mainly talk about the performance of UV printers equipped with Ricoh printhead and its stability.

How about Ricoh UV printer

Judging from the shipment data of the world's printhead manufacturers in 2021, Ricoh nozzles have an absolute advantage, of which Ricoh G5/G6 are the most used. Ricoh printhead is a high-performance industrial-grade printhead, with fast printing speed, high precision, variable ink drop technology gray level, and the accuracy can reach 5pl.

Ricoh G5 print head can achieve high definition, good picture texture, uniform and natural printing effect; in terms of stability, Ricoh G5 printhead has a built-in constant temperature system, which can adjust the printing voltage with the change of temperature. Compared with other printheads, the printing state is better. Relatively stable; Ricoh G5 printhead has a longer lifespan and can generally be used for 3-5 years under normal maintenance. It is the longest and most stable printhead in the print head series.

How about Ricoh UV printer1
How about Ricoh UV printer2

Which UV printhead is better? You get what you pay for. This is an eternal truth. Let's take a look at the price of each brand of printhead:

1. Kyocera printhead, about USD6300.
2. Seiko printhead, about USD1300-USD1900.
3. Ricoh printhead, about USD2000-USD2200.
4. Epson printhead, about USD1100.

UV printers equipped with Ricoh Printhead are collectively referred to as Ricoh UV printers, so how about Ricoh UV printers? Compared to the expensive Kyocera printhead, it is inferior. Compared with the Seiko printhead, it is slightly better, and compared to the cheap Epson printhead, it is like a god. From the comprehensive analysis of quality, speed and price, it is not difficult to see that the Ricoh printhead is the most cost-effective among all printhead, which is probably the main reason why it can become the mainstream.

Post time: Apr-21-2022