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How does uv printer print relief effect

UV flatbed printers are widely used in many fields, such as advertising signs, home decoration, handicraft processing, etc. It is well known that any material surface can print exquisite patterns. Today, Ntek will talk about UV flatbed printers. Another advantage: uv printing exquisite three-dimensional relief effect.

What is 3D relief? How does the UV flatbed printer achieve exquisite relief effect?

The artistic expression of color relief is diverse, and the standard definition is between round carving and oil painting, which is the innovative charm of the combination of traditional carving technology and color painting. Relief effect printing products, strong three-dimensional effect, excellent three-dimensional effect. It floats on the surface of the flat object to show a three-dimensional sculpture effect of concave and convex, and the printed object with the embossed effect shows a 3D stereoscopic visual effect.

During the production of the product, we will use the UV flatbed printer to print the 3D relief effect on the surface of the product according to the needs of the product, and enhance the relief color gamut of the item to highlight the product highlights and increase the product features. Visually, embossed patterns will be more layered than flat patterns. And this unique function is impossible for other machines, and can only be achieved with UV printers.

During printing, the relief shape is mainly formed by the accumulation of UV white ink. The more white ink, the thicker it will be. The higher the stacking height of white ink, the more obvious the effect. After printing with white ink, the selected pattern is finally printed on the surface of the material with color ink. Using UV flat-panel printer to print, the operation is simple, and it is easy to realize vivid and exquisite three-dimensional patterns.

Post time: Jun-16-2022