Buy UV printer must understand the five core issues


In the process of buying UV flatbed printer, many friends will be with the deeper understanding, the more confused by the information from the network, equipment manufacturers, and finally at a loss.  This article raises five core questions, which can trigger thinking in the process of seeking answers, so as to help those who are still in doubt return to their own needs and make the right purchase decision for them. 

1. Does the machine size match my material?

Fully understand the maximum material size to print, and based on this to confirm the size of the UV flatbed printer to buy.  If the largest material you want to print is 2.44*1.22m foam board, then machines smaller than this print size can not be considered.  There may even be times when a larger machine than is currently required may be selected as part of a future investment in consideration of future business expansion.  Therefore, the machine size decision is the first issue you need to consider. 

2. How fast does it print when it’s working properly?

At the show you can see amazing prints from each manufacturer’s machines, which are usually shown in the best – and slowest – print mode. In the usual order printing process, sometimes do not need so high picture accuracy seen in the exhibition, but have higher requirements for speed, to ensure timely delivery to customers. So how fast is it in print quality mode that is acceptable to me (the client)? This is a problem that needs to be understood. Careful, you can take the pictures and materials to print a test in Ntek factory, to find the balance of printing quality and printing speed, do well in mind.

3. Does the printer work to meet the requirements of the job?

To ensure a long time of continuous work without problems, a stable UV printer is essential.  Can the machine work 24 hours a day?  Is the rack platform stable enough?  Can you print large heavy materials (e.g. glass, metal, marble, etc.) for a long time?  Under such requirements, small or light work machines are obviously not suitable to buy, only industrial grade large UV is possible to ensure a long time of stable printing work.  Ntek UV printer adopts high precision seamless heavy steel frame body, hard oxidation adsorption platform, to provide users with stable and high quality long-term printing service.

4. Is the ink adhesion sufficient?

Ink adhesion is also crucial after confirming that the print color is acceptable.  For acrylic, glass and other smooth surface materials, adhesion requirements are particularly critical.  You don’t want to see an AD that starts to fall off after just a few days.  At present, the industry for UV ink adhesion problem, the main solution is UV coating, that is, before printing a smooth surface of the material, coated with the corresponding UV coating to increase the firmness of UV ink.  In the process of buying UV flatbed printer, it is essential to understand the adhesion scheme given by the manufacturer. 

5. What is the quality of technical support and service?

To select the right flatbed printer is the first step.  When the machine is installed in your factory, you need to know in advance whether the supplier can provide timely, effective and reliable technical support and after-sales service.  No one can guarantee that their products will never fail, not even Tesla.  No matter the machine itself, operation mode, or other force majeure and other factors may cause equipment abnormalities.  Reliable technical support and service can save you time and reduce the loss of missing work when equipment breaks down and needs maintenance.  Shanghai Huidi has a professional, experienced after-sales service team, quickly respond to customer needs, to provide solutions, for customers’ printing cause escort. 

Post time: Sep-29-2022